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Built by gamers with engineering backgrounds.

At Abyss, we don’t follow tired formulas. Our engineering minds see possibilities where others see roadblocks. We believe the future of MMORPGs lies in crafting living, breathing worlds driven by community. 


How will a small team build an MMO?

Over 2 years, we have worked with over 100 contractors. That number will grow.


Why are you building an MMO?

For our team at Abyss, gaming, AI, art, design, coding, networking and web development are not just jobs - they are our passions.

Abyss is built to last.

Over the last few years we have consulted with experts on each piece of MMO development. We have created multiple iterations of each module needed to create a great experience.

Abyss was influenced by classic MMO design. Our team played a lot of UO, AC, SB, RS, DAOC, and more.


Come hang out in our community, try the game for free during one of our weekly events.

"The Dark Horse of MMOs"

A team composed of engineers and gamers and heavy game developer supervision can create the dark horse of MMOs.

- Parallel