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Alpha testing applications and Steam Wishlists

We started out offering free alpha testing to anyone, we still offer this in our Discord. Over time, we began promoting alpha testing applications. Recently we listed our game on Steam.


Pledge Packs Sold since October 2021

We thank all of our supporters for helping us bring this dream to reality.

Our MMORPG Progress Over the Past 2 Years

We've made significant strides in developing our MMORPG over the past 2 years thanks to the support of our community. Here is a look at some of our key milestones:
Pre-Alpha Testing December 2021 - December 2022 0

Combat Testing Focused on combat testing and gameplay feedback from over 2000 Founder Pack purchasers.

Alpha 1 Testing January 2022 - July 2023 0

Crafting and Item Testing Implemented crafting systems and conducted extensive playtesting. Optimized in-game economy based on simulations.

Alpha 2 Testing August 2023 - October 2023 0

Began testing gathering, fast travel, matchmaking, and open world content.

Beta 1 Testing November - January 0

Next we'll be testing our generative quest system, character customization, and quality of life improvements. Stay tuned for our transition to Beta and launch! We appreciate all of the support from our community that is helping make this project a reality.

Soft Launch April 2024 - September 2024 0
Purchase a Founder’s Pack or participate in our community to help shape and mold the next generation of MMO games.